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Atlanta Tree Fertilizing Service - We help fertilize trees and preserve their lives for years to come. Atlanta Tree Service Company has studied tree growth and tree fertilizing techniques for over 30 years in Georgia. We deep root tree fertilize for residential and commercial customers in Atlanta, GA and surrounding cities. Trees in urban and suburban environments are under higher stress then forestry areas. These trees suffer from lack of water, high pollution and physical damage that maybe caused from construction. Soil deficient is a major factor to tree growth and their health also. We deep root feed your trees and help promote nutrients and vitamins where its needed the most, the heart of the root system.

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Trees that are healthy will fight off diseases, bug infestation, insects, fungus, and root rot easier then unhealthy and weak trees. Our Atlanta, GA tree fertilizing service will keep your roots, leaves, bark and branches stronger for years to come. Many of our tree care services include: deep root feeding, tree fertilizing minerals, tree pruning, trees sprayed, tree trimming, tree services, tree removal services and tree maintenance.

There are many kinds of trees in Atlanta, Georgia that need a boost of fertilize to keep their immune system high. Trees in Georgia consist of oaks, pines, maples, cedars, spruces, willows, pecans, hickory trees, poplar, walnut, dogwoods, cotton wood trees, myrtle trees, bradford pears and much more.

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